Tango Enigmático on start-ups, Australian composition, and loving Piazzolla by Celine Chong (Lead Writer, CutCommon)

The Piazzolla Effect: celebrating a century of tango nuevo by Michael Kaufmann (Limelight)


“This was a recital that started strongly and just got better. With immaculately controlled dynamic range and firm grasp of technique overall underpinning the virtuoso arrangements. Just go see them.”

-Ann Smith, Producer for Tango Capital 2XXfm 98.3 (Canberra) (

“I noted that this is a new sound for Australian audiences, whether of tango or classical music. It’s definitely chamber music. But it’s chamber music from a different heritage to that experienced by most lovers of classical music and may be an enticing introduction for them to this different sound.”

“Overall, the impression is of a sweet elegant tone almost feminine but that is not at all saccharin, being underpinned by gutsy tango techniques on piano and double bass.”

“This was a debut to be pleased with. The music choices underpinning the playing techniques, and coming together to generate a clearly differentiated house style that adds to the opportunities available for music audiences in Australia. I look forward to their next outing.”

-Ann Smith, Producer for Tango Capital 2XXfm 98.3 (Canberra) (